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April 17, 2018

5 unbelievably creative ways to sneak vegetables in your kids’ meals

One of the struggles a mother has to face, is to get her child to eat vegetables. While vegetables may not seem appealing to your kids, there are however, several creative ways to hide them in delicious recipes. Your child will never know the difference and will acquire all the necessary nutrients without noticing!

Sneak some veggies in the burger patty mixture

Before you get to grilling, mix the patty ingredients with a handful of mushrooms or few carrots in a food processor. When combined, shape into patties and grill to perfection!

Prepare quesadillas with a twist

Instead of using a whole serving of cheese, cut it down in half and use sautéed vegetables chopped in a food processor such as Double Force for example! Complete the recipe as usual and serve.

Overwhelm with cheese

Chop a bit of marrows, eggplants and bell peppers in your food processor, then add on top of your usual pizza sauce . Cover completely with cheese and bake until cooked through.

Add some color to your omelet

In a pan, sauté some veggies: mushrooms, chopped spinach, red bell peppers… Cook your omelet as usual. When almost done, cover half of it with the veggies and fold it to cover them. Serve for breakfast or dinner.

Enhance your chicken pasta bake

When preparing a regular chicken pasta casserole, chop some mushrooms, carrots and marrows in your food processor. Add them to the chicken pasta mixture and overwhelm with béchamel sauce. Top with cheddar cheese shredded in the food processor and bake until golden and done.