24 October, 2018

Making homemade pickles is easier than you think!

Did you know that it’s super easy to prepare your own pickles at home? There are many ways to ‎do so but if you’re looking for simple and effortless steps try these tips and tricks to have your ‎pickles ready to be stored in no time.‎

Choose the best vegetables

When shopping for vegetables, make sure they are ripe yet firm but not wrinkly or limp. Wash ‎them well before you start and cut off the bruises and bumps. They should be crunchy and ‎not soft and mushy.‎

Whole or sliced?‎

This really depends on your preference. You can choose to pickle whole cucumbers or slice ‎them in a food processor. You can slice carrots or shred them in Double Force food ‎processor… the options are endless!‎

What’s the best brine?‎

The vinegar based brine is commonly used to prepare pickles. For each cup of vinegar, use 1 ‎cup of water. You can make more or less brine to suit the quantity of pickles you want to ‎make. ‎

How long to store the pickles?‎

You can process vegetables in hot water for 5 minutes then pickle them; this could make ‎them storable for up to a year. If you’re looking for a crunchy result, you can directly ‎refrigerate the pickles for few weeks; either way they should be ready to be consumed within ‎‎5 days or one week.‎