18 May, 2018

5 layered desserts you can serve during Ramadan

With Ramadan gracing us in summer, nothing is more refreshing than a slice of ice cold layered dessert. Here’s a collection of easy recipes you can effortlessly prepare and serve after Iftar!

Strawberry & cream layers

Prepare 2 cups of Chantilly cream in Masterchef Gourmet + bowl. Crush 200g of plain biscuits in Masterchef 8000 food processor and spread ¼ the quantity in the bottom of a baking pan. Spread ¼ amount of cream over the biscuits, then alternate layers until the quantities are finished. Finish with 500g of sliced fresh strawberries and refrigerate until firm.

No bake biscuit pudding layers

Beat 2 tbsp of icing sugar with 150g of butter in your kitchen machine. Whisk in 2 cups of vanilla pudding until the mixture is smooth. Layer the dessert, alternating layers of cookies and pudding mixture. Refrigerate until firm.

No bake date layers

Combine 250g of crushed dates with 50 g of melted butter and ½ tsp of ground cinnamon. In a baking dish, line plain biscuits. Spread ¼ the date mixture over your biscuits then alternate layers until the quantities are finished. Top with banana slices and crushed biscuits then refrigerate until firm.

Chocolate cookies & cream layers

Crush 400g of chocolate cookies in a food processor. In your kitchen machine, mix 2 ¼ cups of vanilla pudding with 4 cups of milk for 2 minutes. Let sit for 5 minutes then add ¼ cup of powdered sugar. Beat until combined. Add 2 cups of homemade Chantilly cream and mix until smooth. Layer the dessert with alternating layers of cookies and cream mixture. You should begin and end the layers with cookies. Refrigerate until firm.

Strawberry jelly triple layer dessert

Line a baking dish with plain biscuits. Prepare 2 packs of strawberry jelly as per the manufacturer instructions. When cooled, blend the jelly with ¾ cup of homemade Chantilly cream. Spread the mixture over your biscuits and refrigerate until firm. Take the layers out of the fridge, spread ¾ cup of whipped cream over the strawberry jelly mixture and refrigerate again until firm.