21 May, 2018

This is how you can take advantage of leftovers this Ramadan!

After a copious Iftar, it’s pretty normal to end up with a table of untouched food left behind. There is however, a way to benefit from leftovers and avoid throwing them in the garbage.

Freeze cut ingredients and finished dishes

If you don’t feel like re-cooking your leftovers, wrap them in a plastic bag and freeze for another night. You can freeze cut fruits and vegetables, cookies and bread, or main dishes like chicken pizza or Kibbeh Bel Siniyye.

Enhance your soups

Got some leftover cumin lentil soup? Chop potatoes, carrots and red onions in Double Force food processor and sauté in vegetable oil with some salt and pepper. Add to your soup and re-heat the whole then serve.

Upgrade your salads

If you grilled chicken the night before and got some leftover chicken breasts, add them to some chopped lettuce, cherry tomatoes and sliced avocado. Mix with some Italian dressing and serve.

Create with day old cooked rice

Got some day old cooked rice and don’t exactly wish to serve it plain? Chop carrots and scallions in your food processor and sauté in some vegetable oil. Add your leftover rice and stir for couple of minutes. Slide to the edge of your pan before adding and scrambling the eggs. Stir well until the ingredients are combined then serve.