April 17, 2018

This is how you can master the art of making bread at home!

Bread making is no longer a hard task to worry about. For outstanding baking and bread making, follow these simple steps and make sure you have lots of fun creating your favorite breads at home and without any effort at all!

Combine and measure

Before you start baking, make sure you combine the right ingredients. Aside from yeast, flour, salt and water, bread recipes like Cheese Naans might require oil, sugar and other ingredients. Recipes like Moroccan Bread for example might require semolina. Also, you should always 

remember to measure your ingredients with a kitchen scale in order to get the most perfect results.

Take your time

Some bread recipes call for less yeast than what you’re used to. And less yeast means more time for the dough to rise enough and hence, more time for flavors to grow. You can also refrigerate your dough or add cold liquids to slow down the rising process.

Don’t over knead

For easier kneading, you can use kitchen machines such as Masterchef Gourmet that can cut kneading time in half at least! Make sure not to over knead your dough.

Rest enough then bake

After you’re done kneading, rest the dough depending on the recipe. An average Onion Bread batch needs 45 minutes of resting before you bake it. Then, depending on the recipe, bake the bread dough at the required temperature in a preheated oven. Happy Baking!