13 December, 2018

How to expand the shelf life of grated cheese

Depending on the composition, packaging and manufacturing process, the shelf life of ‎grated cheese can vary from few weeks to months. To make the most out of your ‎cheese and extend its shelf life, it’s important to follow some guidelines so that it stays ‎fresh and delicious.‎

Wrap it correctly

If you purchased a large original parmesan wheel, you can shred it and store it in ‎the fridge for few weeks or in the freezer for up to 6 months. Invest in special ‎cheese paper for this step. After you shred the cheese with Masterchef 8000 food processor, put it in the center of a cheese paper and wrap well to protect ‎it from the following elements: the dryness of your fridge/freezer, the moist and the ‎germs.‎

Don’t let the air come in

When you purchase a whole block of hard or semi hard cheese such as parmesan ‎or cheddar, notice that all packages are vacuumed. This means that the cheese has ‎no access to air whatsoever, because once it’s cut and exposed to air, it requires an ‎expiry date. After you wrap your grated cheese in cheese paper, store it in a zip lock ‎bag and make sure you press the air out as much as you can to keep it hard and ‎fresh.‎


Even if you extend the shelf life of your cheese, you will notice a light change in ‎texture. Always remember to thaw your cheese before you use it, and change the ‎cheese paper each time you take a small quantity out of the freezer. ‎