13 December, 2018

How to get perfect fluffy mashed potatoes

The secret to delicious potato puree or mashed potatoes relies in a creamy texture ‎without any lumps or gumminess. To reach that goal, read the ultimate guide on how to ‎get fluffy potato puree.‎

Use purée friendly potatoes

High starch potatoes are perfect to add a dense and creamy texture to your potato ‎purée. But if low starch potatoes are all you got, whip your purée mixture in ‎Masterchef Gourmet kitchen machine until it’s dense and creamy.‎

Start to cook with cold water

Add potatoes to the pot and submerge them with cold water. This way, they will ‎gradually cook as the water boils. This said, avoid adding potatoes to boiling water ‎or else you will end up with unevenly cooked results.‎

Use softened butter and cream‎

Using cold butter and cream when preparing potato puree will require you to mix ‎the ingredients more to incorporate them. For this reason, use softened butter and ‎cream at room temperature if you want to get that ideal fluffy texture.‎

Mix and mash

There are 2 ways to mash potatoes when preparing potato puree:‎

You can use a manual potato masher and press the cooked potatoes with the butter ‎and cream until incorporated.‎

However, to obtain a fluffy, smooth an effortless potato puree, nothing beats your ‎kitchen machine to end up with creamy results!‎