October 19, 2018

‎‎Keep your hands safe with these food processor cleaning hacks!‎

We tend to worry about cleaning the food processor when we’re done cooking mostly because ‎we’re afraid of cutting ourselves with the blade. And it’s not always trusting to throw the parts ‎in a dishwasher because of the remaining food that could get stuck in the blades.‎ So if you’re tired of cleaning your food processor with your hands risking cuts and wounds, try ‎these simple tips that can save you a lot of pain and anxiety!‎

Using a brush

Whether it’s a scrubbing brush with a long handle or a simple toothbrush, this tool helps ‎cleaning your food processor especially when you’re going for the blades. First, you need to ‎unplug and disassemble your food processor. Fill a cup with warm water and add some ‎detergent. Dip the brush in the water mixture then gently scrub all areas of your food ‎processor parts (except the motor of course!). Rinse off with more warm water and leave on a ‎towel to dry off.


One of the easiest ways to clean a food processor such as the Moulinex Masterchef 5000 is to ‎make sure you keep the appliance plugged in then add 1 cup of warm soapy water to the jug. ‎Turn on the food processor as if you’re blending regular food. Remove the jug from the base, ‎empty it and rinse with more warm water. Leave on a towel until dried completely. Your ‎food processor is now clean and ready to be stored!‎