18 May, 2018

Avoid constipation this Ramadan with these simple tips!

Many fasting people suffer from constipation during Ramadan and if not treated immediately, this problem can take a wrong turn. So if you’re one of these people, follow these tips for a healthy and pain free fasting.

Hydrate, a lot!

Drinking up to 2 L of water a day can help your digestive system stay clean and keep the constipation at bay. Apart from plain water, include fresh juices and avoid drinking sodas or manufactured sugar-loaded juices.

Start your Ifar with dates

Breaking your fast with one date activates your digestive enzymes in a healthy way without causing complications. This fruit is overloaded with fibers which keeps constipation away, but if you’re not fan of it plain, try to break your fast with a coconut date energy ball instead.

Enrich your Iftar with high fiber vegetables

High fiber vegetables can improve and facilitate the digestion process. Prepare delicious fatayer in Masterchef Gourmet and enjoy highly nutritious vegetables such as onions and spinach combined with the sour taste of lemon juice, sumac and pine nuts for a perfect balance of flavors.

Take your time

Divide your Iftar meal into portions and don’t take it all at once. Don’t forget to chew slowly and of course don’t drink water while eating. This way you will enjoy all the flavors without risking to upset your stomach and digestive system. Ramadan Kareem!