13 December, 2018

Health benefits of beetroot for children

Beetroots should be among your children’s favorite vegetables and for good ‎reasons! Because they are highly nutritious and extremely delicious, here’s our ‎compilation of amazing beetroot benefits for kids!‎

Beets are rich in vitamins and minerals

Beetroots are loaded with vitamins A, B, C & E. They are also a storehouse for ‎minerals such as iron and magnesium and prevent several diseases that are ‎common among kids such as diarrhea.‎

Beets help in reducing anemia

Researches suggest that drinking 500 ml of beetroot juice a day lowers the risk of ‎amenia thanks to the iron. Use the juice extractor of your Masterchef food processor ‎to create a delicious afternoon beverage. If your kids already have a sweet tooth, ‎they will absolutely love it!‎

Beets promote digestion

Because they are rich in fibers, beetroots highly participate in soothing the digestive ‎system. That said, this delicious vegetable prevents constipation among kids. Add ‎beetroots to your usual homemade hummus recipe and process the whole in your ‎food processor to obtain a colorful hummus. It’s delicious and your kids will think ‎it’s very fun to eat!‎

Beets boost your child’s immunity

Beetroots are a natural antioxidant storehouse and they are essential to enhance ‎your kids’ immune system. Slice them real thin using your food processor and ‎season them before baking in the oven on medium heat. Even if your kids are not ‎fans of beetroot, they will love this healthy version of chips!‎