21 May, 2018

Different uses of halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese is known and loved for its strong texture and rich savory flavor. It’s also amazing how easily this cheese can blend with different flavors and textures resulting in mouthwatering dishes and an exceptional taste! So here are some uses of halloumi cheese that you will bookmark for the future!

Grilled with a wholesome salad

As you prepare a wholesome salad, grill halloumi cheese and add it to your vegetables with a drizzle of lemon honey dressing for more flavor. You can even cut half the preparation time by chopping your vegetables in Double Force food processor!

Deep-fried with a creamy dip

Breaded halloumi sticks taste deliciously good as a snack or while watching a movie with your family. Just slice halloumi cheese and dip it in the usual breading trio (flour, eggs, seasoned breadcrumbs). Deep-fry until golden and crispy. Prepare a creamy hummus or beetroot dip in your food processor and serve it on the side!

As a topping for pizza

Pairing halloumi cheese with the traditional pizza will surely enhance the flavors with a savory touch. Prepare the dough, spread your favorite pizza sauce and add slices of raw halloumi cheese. Chop your favorite vegetables such as fresh mushrooms, basil and thyme, and add them to your pizza before baking. Now that’s the way to satisfy your cravings!