18 May, 2018

101 birthday guide: Prepare your child's first birthday from A to Z

Planning your kids’ first birthday can be stressful and overwhelming at the same time. This is why we put together this simple checklist to help you prepare your baby’s first birthday party.

Set a budget

It’s important to set a budget when planning your baby’s first birthday but always keep in mind the unexpected. Your budget should include how much you’re willing to spend plus the unexpected last minute costs.

Choose the venue

You can choose to celebrate that special occasion at home or in a rented venue. However, make sure that the environment is private, quiet and most importantly, baby friendly.

Guest list & Invitations

It would be fun to invite parents with their kids. Remember to include the most important people in your life then add more people to the guest list if your budget allows it. You can print out fun invitation cards or save time and just send the invitation by text or email.

Plan a delicious menu

No birthday party is ever complete without delicious food. You can easily prepare a mouthwatering homemade menu in no time with the right food preparation appliances! For example, with Masterchef Gourmet +, prepare a delicious chocolate birthday cake and pair it with a selection of yummy desserts and pastries such as chocolate muffins, chocolate chip cookies, fatayer and fried chocolate doughnuts. Your guests will be remembering your baby’s first birthday forever!