19 October, 2018

Easy breakfast ideas for your gatherings

If you spend a lot of time thinking about new and exciting ways to host your morning gatherings, ‎search no more! Bookmark these easy ideas that can be ready in no time for the next time you’re ‎having loved ones over breakfast! ‎

‎‎French breakfast

Impress your beloved guests with a French breakfast that will leave them speechless! You can ‎prepare brioche slices with strawberry jam, chocolate muffins, French croissant etc… with ‎nothing but your food processor or kitchen machine. Don’t forget the French press!‎

‎‎‎‎ Arabic breakfast

There are endless options to serve a mouthwatering Arabic breakfast. You can use Masterchef ‎‎8000 food processor to dazzle your guests with tasty Maasoub, spicy Shakshouka or ‎processed Foul Mudammas. Serve with delicious Arabic pita bread and tea! Yumminess ‎guaranteed!‎

‎American breakfast

One of the easiest and tastiest breakfasts you can serve is the American breakfast. With just a ‎few ingredients, you can prepare pancakes and waffles in your food processor with a side of ‎scrambled eggs. Your guests will fall in love with the flavors!‎

‎Variety of pastries

From mini pizza to pies and sweet samosa, there’s no limit to what you can prepare with a ‎single dough! Prepare your dough mixture in advance to save time and use your food ‎processor for quicker results. You can also add your favorite toppings and fillings then freeze ‎until it’s time to use them. With a side of tea, this breakfast is an absolute delight!