24 October, 2018

Benefits of watermelon on an empty stomach

Right when summer is around the corner, we get to talk about a fruit that we all adore. Whether ‎you slice it and eat it, process it into a smoothie or simply juice it, watermelon contains countless ‎benefits that can help improve your health in addition to keeping your body well hydrated ‎especially when consumed on an empty stomach.‎

Protecting your eyes

Both vitamin C and Beta-carotene prevent you from going blind or suffering from cataracts. ‎Blend watermelon with some water, honey and mint in the blender attachment of your ‎Masterchef 8000 food processor. You just got yourself a speedy breakfast and refreshing ‎start of day!‎

Maintaining your blood pressure levels

Watermelon is rich in magnesium and potassium which are essential to keep your blood ‎pressure regulated and normal. Process some watermelon slices in your food processor. Fold ‎in chia seeds and refrigerate overnight. It’s the easiest way to prepare a fruit pudding and ‎save time preparing breakfast the next day!‎

Improving your mood

While 92% of watermelon is water, the rest is stacked with nutrients and vitamins from ‎which we state Vitamin C and B6. Thus, these vitamins can help regulate your ‎neurotransmitters and improve your mood. Watermelon has also the ability to balance your ‎hormones and protect you from issues such as depression. So stack on that watermelon and ‎stay happy!‎