Pastry Kit

MARCH 16, 2015

Pastry-making has never been easier!

Trendier than ever, pastries awaken our imagination and our taste buds at the same time. We all want to succeed in making home-made desserts and trying cupcakes, macaroons, pavlova, cream puffs, etc.

Achievable and not that difficult with the right tools at home! This is why kitchen machines have become such a hit.

Kitchen machines are like having your own chef

Designed in the professional kitchens of pastry chefs and bakers, kitchen machines offer multiple culinary functions that not only allow you to mix, knead and whisk, as well as grate, slice, chop and blend (when the blender attachment is added). The superiority of these kitchen machines is due to their versatility, since they can do it all. Powerful, they differ from traditional multi-function kitchen machines due to the machine head's planetary movement (tools rotate simultaneously for increased efficiency), highly effective for getting everything ready at the same time.Accessoires pâtisserie

The pastry tool rotates, covering the entire mixing bowl, and constantly brings the ingredients to the centre. This is why these powerful machines are perfect for preparing pastries. They work miracles and make even the most sophisticated recipes accessible for everyone — even those which usually scare beginners, such as macarons, cupcakes, meringues, etc.

Bravo Masterchef Kitchen Machine!

Moulinex's Masterchef Kitchen Machine range features a specific pastry kit equipped with 3 essential baking accessories: a stainless steel whisk, and a high-quality cast aluminium kneading hook and beater. The whisk has been patented due to its remarkable effectiveness. Thanks to its detailed design, it can even beat a single egg white! Foolproof, and substantial as it should be, the beater mixes uniformly without leaving anything at the bottom of the bowl — a risk for traditional kitchen machines. With a highly resistant 4-litre stainless steel bowl and an anti-splash lid, the Masterchef Kitchen Machines are efficient and fast! Essential for dessert lovers.


What can I do with it?

Beat eggs or whisk whipped cream in the blink of an eye, effortlessly knead heavy dough due to its 900 W of power, prepare perfectly smooth dough; anything is possible and easy with a Masterchef Kitchen Machine. Save time on your creations, even in large quantities, meaning you can focus on the decoration!


With the kneading hook, also called a dough hook, you can prepare heavy dough recipes: shortcrust pastry or shortbread and dough for bread, pizza or cream puffs. For these kinds of recipes, 900 W is required.

Another option: a powerful kitchen machine, like the Masterchef 8000, also ensures success with heavy dough recipes.


With the beater, also called a mixer, you can make smooth batters for crêpes, waffles, cookies, brownies, canelés, macaroons, sponge cakes, muffins, etc. It is also ideal for mixing chocolate chips or dry fruits into the dough.

Another option: a Faciclic or Soup and Co blender can be used to make light batters, such as crêpe batter.


Using the whisk, you can make chocolate puddings, whipped cream, beaten egg whites, beaten egg yolks with sugar, cheesecake, meringues, tiramisu, whoopie pies, chocolate mousse, buttercream, etc. For instance you can give certain kinds of batter a fine whip to remove lumps.

Another option: the Easy Max mixer with its 2-speed settings and Turbo function.


Decoration secrets

Cakes taste good but must also look beautiful! Get inspired by the top chefs, food bloggers and pastry art competitions, such as the incredible International Cake Show in Manchester. Also have a look at Pinterest for some ideas!

Don't worry about putting these ideas into practice: your Masterchef Kitchen Machine has everything you need to successfully make original creations.

Using the whisk, you can make flavoured and coloured icing for irresistible cupcakes or refined eclairs. You can also make sugar paste to decorate the most delicious American cakes and give free rein to your creativity. Treat yourself!