MOULINEX Coffee grinder

Coffee grinder
Grind with only one press!

Coffee grinder grinds all your ingredients in seconds; thanks to its design and qualitative finishes, it fits perfectly with your kitchen.

Reference : MC300161

Grind your coffee beans and spices in seconds!

Moulinex's coffee grinder is a great addition to the coffee lover's kitchen.

Just throw in your roasted coffee bean and watch the coffee grinder give you fine, aromatic coffee powder.

There is no better coffee than one from freshly ground coffee powder.

It features a transparent lid for viewing while grinding.

As a safety feature the grinder only works if the lid is locked.

Technical specifications / comparison

Power 180  W
Type of blades removable stainless-steel blades (for coffee & spices)  
Bowl capacity 0.080  kg
Colours White and Red  



Keeping your grinder clean is essential to achieve the best results in terms of taste. Most coffee beans contain oils that may, over time, increase their flavour and therefore alter the taste of your coffee. Empty the ground coffee container after each use.
Always unplug the coffee grinder before cleaning it. Make sure the coffee grinder, the power cord and the plug stay dry. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasive scouring pads to clean the appliance.
Check that your appliance is plugged in and that the lid is correctly in place.
If it still won't start, contact your approved repair centre.
We recommend keeping the coffee beans in a cool, dry place. They should be stored in a non-transparent airtight container. Oxygen and damp are the main enemies of coffee, which quickly loses its qualities once it has been ground: damp alters its taste and flavour and the coffee becomes stale and tasteless. Oxygen oxidises ground coffee and enhances the bitter taste of the drink; beans should therefore be ground just before making the coffee.
This depends on the type of coffee maker that you are using. This is why the ground coffee for an espresso is much finer than it is for a filter coffee maker.
Grinding coffee just before using it preserves its flavour and taste.
Whole coffee beans can be kept for several months. Once it has been ground, the coffee quickly loses its flavour. At room temperature, ground coffee can be kept for 7 to 10 days. We recommend taking the following precautions to preserve the flavour of your ground coffee: store the ground coffee in a non-transparent airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator, where it can be kept for one month.
If your coffee grinder has a factory mounted blade, you can grind spices, nuts and whole grains. If your grinder is equipped with a millstone, you can grind only coffee beans.